Hunting Bad Actors & Heuristics Training

Abusix’ raw threat intelligence can provide a constant corpus for hunting for phishing sites, botnets, driveby downloads and cryptojacking,as well as providing pristine black spam for heuristics training and prevent zero day attacks Abusix’ can filter data streams subsets, based on network ranges, file /attachment types, country(ies) of origin or URL, cname attributes, languages, specific mime characters, keyword expressions. and more.

Identify Threats From Within

Network operators and large enterprises need to know when machines are compromised within their network and where the botnet IPs are, that are active behind their DMZ to take down these threats and prevent more serious compromised within their networks.

Identify Threats From Within

Detecting Criminal Activity

Abusix’ filtered country feed provides a constant real-time flow of criminal exploits. Abusix enables countries to detect, analyze, understand and prosecute offenders that operate within their country’s boundaries.

Protecting Brands

Brands, Social Networks and Government Agencies are spoofed and phished every day. Abusix’ filtered key message feed allows you to mitigate abuse and fraud by allowing you to see threats based on expressions such as brand, domain, and cousin names, as well as campaign expressions and their variants.

Protecting Brands
Abusix processes
12+ Billion Threat Indicators Per Day


Spam Threat Intelligence
Anti-spam vendors need to constantly tune their spam heuristics engines to catch the latest shape shifting threats. This feed is 100% pure spam, false positive free, allowing you to use the data with confidence in your automated workflows.
Malicious File Threat Intelligence
Security vendors need to keep their virus outbreak filters current in real-time, to address zero day malware and MS-born threats, analyze malicious code and track down ransomware command and control servers, every second of every day. This feed allows you to gain access to the latest malicious email borne payloads, allowing you to open the payloads in sandboxes and find command and control servers, or dissect the files to find new variants of malicious code.
URL Threat Intelligence
Security and Brand Protection vendors of all types need to constantly hunt for new websites and webpages that are phishing and spoofing brands, hosting drive-by download or malware threats, and phish kits or crimeware. This feed allows you to quickly see new malicious actors hosting branded trademarks and copyrighted images, as well as locate malicious sites hosting downloads that are ready to infect customers and spy on their activity.


Provides you with the same data set used by major security providers as well as Virus Bulletin to rank and evaluate filters vendors.
Provides you with early warning and gives you an unparalleled view into your blind spots.
Provides the real-time raw threat data to alert you and allow you to prevent domain brand abuse and fraud.