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AbuseHQ, Your Abuse Monitoring Software

AbuseHQ is an abuse monitoring software that provides real-time visibility, detection and response capabilities to security and abuse teams around the globe to improve and monitor customers and network security.

Getting Started With Network Security Software 

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Getting started with AbusixHQ


How Does AbuseHQ Work?

AbuseHQ provides a workflow that manages abuse reports, identifies abuse by event type and timeframes by customer to improve network security.

By only inserting well attributed cases in your ticketing system, rather than thousands of individual incident reports your team is focused on efficiently handling abuse and taking action on cases rather than spinning and spending time looking individual reports one at a time.  

What types of abuse@ reports does AbuseHQ process?

AbuseHQ processes reports from over 3,000 reporters during an average week to enhance network security. Reporters include FBLs from AOL, Comcast, Microsoft and many others as well as copyright, trademark and DMCA reports, CC-IRC (Canadian Government), Child Exploitation, Malware, Blocklist reports, Shadowserver and many more.

Can AbuseHQ also consume our internal abuse reports, 3rd Party reports, portal data,
or logs?

Reports or real-time edge log streaming for anything exposed to the internet may also be processed by AbuseHQ, our innovative abuse monitoring software.

What types of input does AbuseHQ ingest?

Our network security software ingests four types of input:  

  • Messages
  • Messages with embedded multi-line reports
  • Messages with attached reports (excel, csv, txt, and other  delimiters available)
  • Internal or 3rd party abuse reports, abuse or edge system  portal data and edge system logs

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