Monitor and Protect Your Brand

Global Brands and Social Media Networks are spoofed and phished every day. Abusix’ filtered key expression, message feeds allow you to see and thus address abuse and fraudulent use of your brand.

Variable Filtering

Abusix’ feeds may be filtered by anything contained in the headers including the domain from, any content in the subject line, message body or URL, or cName; thus allowing you to see brand threats based on abuse of your brand name, domain, cousin names, as well as campaign slogans and their variants.

Variable Filtering

Gather URL Threat Intelligence

Brands and social media sites that are commonly phished need to constantly hunt for new websites and webpages that spoof and phishing using their hard earned brand identity. Often these sites also host drive-by download or malware threats, keyloggers, phish kits.

Helps You Act Fast

Abusix allows you find new attack vectors quickly, and act quickly to order takedowns of malicious actors tricking your users with unauthorized use of your branded trademarks and copyrighted images.

Abusix processes
12+ Billion Threat Indicators Per Day


Abusix Brand Intelligence provides you with Threat Intelligence specifically curated to find threats to your brand.
Provides you with early warning and gives you an unparalleled view into your blind spots.
Provides the real-time raw threat data to alert you and allow you to prevent domain brand abuse and fraud.