Virus Bulletin Uses Abusix's Threat Intelligence For Testing Security Products

2 September 2016

Virus Bulletin is known as one of the world leaders in security software testing. A little known fact is that Virus Bulletin receives their spam corpses for their testing from Abusix’s Threat Intelligence.

Who is Virus Bulletin?

Virus Bulletin’s headquarters are in Oxfordshire, UK, and staff members work both in the UK and remotely across Europe. Their original service established in 1989, provides an online community and magazine where researchers can publish their latest articles containing information on cyber security. Researchers and experts publish to the Bulletin in order to share their expertise and contribute to making the web more secure from cyber threats. In the Bulletin, you will find ideas and answers from experts in the industry as well as descriptions of the latest cyber threats and techniques you can use to defend against cyber crime.

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Virus Bulletin's Annual Conference

Virus Bulletin began its first annual conference in 1991. The annual conference is very popular as each year the company brings together all the greatest cyber security minds from around the globe. This conference consists of three days of networking and information sharing on topics such as malware, mobile security, botnets, hacking and more. This year's conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado, October 5-7. Click here to learn more about the event.

Testing Security Solutions

Beginning in the late 1990s, the firm added testing of the latest cyber threats to its repertoire which, in turn, provides actionable intelligence for Virus Bulletin's readers. They found, however, that there were even more requests for testing of vendor security products. Virus Bulletin’s security software testing and certification services have become their main point of focus, and what they are most well known for today.

Virus Bulletin's Cyber Security Product Testing Partners with Abusix

One of the most popular of Virus Bulletin services is product testing for security vendors, specifically regarding spam. Through their VBSpam test, a comparative test for spam filters,  millions of emails are sent through different spam filters to determine which of these are catching the spam and which are able to accurately identify legitimate emails. This report is available free of charge and is conducted two times per month.

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So how are Abusix and Virus Bulletin working together?

Six years ago, Virus Bulletin partnered with Abusix to obtain data from Abusix's spam feeds to test the effectiveness of various internet security products.

  1. Abusix sends its black spam feed to Virus Bulletin.
  2. Virus Bulletin uses the data to test against and evaluate anti-spam and antivirus products.
  3. The anti-spam and anti-virus vendors use the results to improve their products.

The partnership comes full circle. All three of these scenarios are all working towards one common goal: making email a better and safer place for everyone.

The spam feeds come from Abusix’s Threat Intelligence, where up to 250 million spam messages are processed every day and in real time. Why Abusix? The spam streams are useful to Virus Bulletin because not only is the amount of data huge but the type of spam is diverse.

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There are many different kinds of spam and it can vary greatly for different organizations. Abusix's diverse spam streams mean that Virus Bulletin can test the efficacy of a vendor's internet security product against many types of spam, making its test results with greater accuracy. If only one kind of spam is tested through an antivirus product, how do you know if it’s effective or not?

Because of the collaboration between Abusix and Virus Bulletin, anti-spam and antivirus product vendors are able to rely on and trust the reports and the VBSpam certificate they receive. Click here to learn more about the VBSpam Methodology.

Martijn Grooten, Editor at Virus Bulletin, says: "What I like about Abusix, they are people who truly care about security. They’re not there to just sell a product or service...They really want to make the world a more secure place, something I appreciate and enjoy."

To learn more about Abusix’s Threat Intelligence or talk to an internet security specialist, click here.

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