Kaspersky Lab Uses Abusix’s Data Services to Improve Anti-Spam Products Performance and Accuracy

1 July 2016

Kaspersky Lab Case Study.png

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s fastest growing IT security companies and a global leader for endpoint security solutions. With nearly $700 million in 2013 revenue, Kaspersky is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions.

Spam email has become an important malware distribution channel leading to virus outbreaks, security breaches, and jeopardizing confidential personal and corporate information. Kaspersky Lab has built a strong business providing enterprises and consumers with the ability to catch spam and filter malware before they create problems in their customers’ networks.

A critical piece of building effective anti-spam products is to train the software’s algorithms on existing abuse data. Kaspersky’s anti-spam product development team analyzed a variety of data sources to determine the best way to get continuous real-time access to high quality and comprehensive network abuse data.

Although Kaspersky has many existing sources of abuse data, including its own spam traps and spam exchange, customer data, and partner feeds, the company’s endpoint security experts quickly realized they also needed Abusix Data Services to ensure the highest levels of anti-spam quality and accuracy. Darya Loseva, Kaspersky Lab’s head of content analysis and research, said, “We chose Abusix Data Services because of the size, quality, and real-time delivery of spam and abuse data.” 

Kaspersky uses Abusix’s abuse data to continuously tune its anti-spam detection algorithms and Abusix’s technical headers to develop special rules. Koseva added, “Abusix’s data is of such high quality that we are able to feed our automatic cloud detection methods in real-time. Abusix has earned our complete and total trust.”

And since Abusix is able to provide a huge quantity of messages, Kaspersky is now able to utilize several times more data as it refines its filters and detection mechanisms. 

The results have been impressive. Koseva credits Abusix with helping improve Kaspersky’s detection algorithms and providing their customers with top quality anti-spam protection. She said, “The cooperation with Abusix has been wonderful. Using Abusix Data Services as our data source, Kaspersky Linux Mail Security 8.0 won the VBSpam+ award in the latest Virus Bulletin with a detection rate of 99.75% and zero false positives. That is awesome.”