Nearly 50% of Companies Surveyed, Use Homegrown Abuse Management Tools

17 Agosto 2018

Nearly 50 of Companies Surveyed, Use Homegrown Abuse Management Tools.png

The 2018 State of Trust and Safety Report is already showing surprising results. One revelation has been that nearly 50% of companies have chosen to try to develop their own abuse management solution instead of buying one maintained and built by security experts.

Let’s explore both approaches homegrown vs. buying new, so that you can decide which abuse management solution suits your business.

The Downside of Homegrown Abuse Management Software

While a homegrown solution may be fully customized to your needs, and you’ll have complete control, and changes can be pushed on a whim; there are also significant downsides to this approach.

  • Ineffective with emerging threats: From 2015 to 2016 ransomware attacks increased by 300%. If your team hasn’t put in the time to stay on top of the engineering changes necessary to handle these threats, then threats could slip by your homegrown tool and damage your quality of service.
  • Expensive: Some experts recommend a budget of several hundred thousand dollars for developing an enterprise-level software solution. However; this is the development cost only and not your total cost of ownership, meaning that a custom solution often can cost your organization millions of dollars for a relatively low ROI.
  • Time consuming: Building your own solution also requires research, prototyping, testing, and development. In the end, development can take months or even years before your abuse processing operates efficiently.
  • Difficult to maintain: Home grown solution product owners consistently deal with crashes, hotfixes, updates, and patches just to keep their solution up and running. Maintenance requires constant attention and distract team members from completing other tasks. Even worse, when the product owner or main developers leave the company and new people have to take over managing and maintaining homegrown, often poorly documented scripts.

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Why Use a Professional Abuse Management Solution?

Professional Abuse Management Solutions are designed to eliminate the downsides of homegrown solutions while adding additional features that improve overall network security. Professional solutions offer  benefits like:

  • Flexibility: Professional solutions have been designed to work within any type of abuse department, no matter how small, large or complex the organizational needs are.
  • Minimal investment: While home grown solutions may cost $250k to develop, but a subscription-based SaaS service like AbuseHQ starts at only $2,000 per month.
  • Focus on using it and not the setup: Abuse management SaaS solutions are are  designed to be simple to setup and use. All you need to do, is forward your abuse reports to AbuseHQ.
  • No maintenance: Your valuable internal resources will never be tied up by maintenance tasks or updates, allowing your abuse department to focus on their specific tasks and operate more efficiently.
  • Experience: Benefit from the experience of a professional solution used by companies big and small. Why reinvent the wheel, when you already know it works great?

Choosing the Right Solution

To see if your current solution is a good choice, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my abuse management solution seamlessly integrate with my abuse department’s workflow?
  • Does my abuse management solution require extensive maintenance and upkeep?
  • Is my abuse management solution protecting my network from the latest threats?
  • Does my abuse management solution enhance my team’s productivity instead of draining resources?

If your current solution is letting you down, then try AbuseHQ. It’s easy to set up, adapts to your workflow, automates redundant processes, and helps your team to focus on your network’s biggest threats. This allows you to see a quick return for a minimal investment.

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