How to Forward Your Network's Abuse Reports into AbuseHQ

17 Agosto 2018

How to Forward Abuse Reports into AbuseHQ.png

The benefits of forwarding your abuse reports for a trial, are obvious. But, the big question is, how hard is it to do? Not very. We have designed our start up process to be as simple as possible.

Only 2 Steps To Get Started

It is simple, there are only two steps.

All you need are two things: a web browser and the email address(es) that receive(s) your abuse reports.

First set up a trial instance of AbuseHQ here.

Then ask your mail administrator to set up an email alias (fork a copy, machine forward) for each of your abuse related email address(es) (e.g.,,, etc) to abuse@[yoursitename] Remember to replace [yoursitename] with your AbuseHQ sitename.

You’re done. That's it!  It’s easy peasy and so simple there’s no excuse not do it now.

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What Comes Next?

Forwarding your abuse address into your trial instance is so super simple and is a great way to see immediate value from AbuseHQ.

After the forward, we will schedule time with you to help you dig a little deeper to see how AbuseHQ easily reshapes the way your organization handles network abuse, and help you quickly become incredibly fast and nimble.

Our next post will give you a closer look at how AbuseHQ automatically transforms your abuse reports to meaningful easy to understandable useable abuse event meta data flows and aggregated subscriber cases.Sign Up For A Free 30 Day Trial