The Abusix Mail Intelligence (formerly Zetascan) service aggregates, processes and normalizes data from many of the best providers, facilitating a real-time lookup of IP, Domain and URL threat data for various applications and services. Abusix Mail Intelligence natively contains mechanisms which grade IP addresses and domains for anti-spam measures and delivers trustworthy results with very high reliability and low false-positives. This allows for informed and accurate decision making for enterprises and security service providers.

Abusix Mail Intelligence Blocks


Spamming IP addresses and domains


Malware IP addresses, domain and URL Lists


Public IP addresses (dynamic IP addresses assigned to residential subscribers)


Ransomware IP addresses, domain and URL Lists


Real-time spam trap hits


TOR exit points


URL blacklists


Zero reputation domains

Key Benefits


Abusix Mail Intelligence (AMI) blocks real-time emerging threats in less than 10 seconds, whereas our competitors block new emerging threats delayed by 10 minutes or more.

AMI provides simple fast drop-in integration into your existing mail servers and antispam filters.


AMI costs on average 25% less than similar competitors, and provides rapid ROI through both direct cost savings and through a dramatic reduction in malicious traffic.

Spam Catch Rate: 99.02%

Malware Catch Rate: 99%

Deployment Models

Drop-in installation and integration with your existing infrastructure in following ways:

Real-time Online DNS Query

Real-time Online DNS Query

Run public DNS queries against blacklists in real-time for filtering out email spam in your network. Infrastructure is hosted on a robust and scalable AWS platform and is maintained by Abusix.

Locally Cached RBL Zone Files

Locally Cached RBL Zone Files

Run queries against a localized copy of real-time blacklist for filtering out email spam in your network. The cache is hosted in your network, on your servers and is updated periodically using RSYNC.

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Abusix Mail Intelligence (AMI) reduces the complexity related to accessing and using threat data by consolidating essential, industry-leading threat feeds into one easy-to-consume service.

Get the real-time data you need to quickly block the millions of malicious IP’s & URI’s (domains) used for email attacks, to crack web sites, or spread ransomware.