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Data Input And Parsing

One of the most powerful features of AbuseHQ is hidden to most of our users: the set of over 450 parsers, parsing over 1000 different formats from 7,000+ reporters, that take all your incoming data and turns everything into a unified format.

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Identify Your Customers

Gain valuable insights about your customers with filters such as Product Category, Customer Type, Brand Name, Customer Number, and Resolver Data.

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Better data, faster solutions | AbuseHQ Platform | Network Abuse Handling

Save And Share Case Views

Manage your abuse cases by searching and filtering them. From there, you can save your search and share with other team members.

Faster insights, better decisions | AbuseHQ Platform | Network Abuse Handling

Use Our Workflow or Simply Build Your Own

AbuseHQ comes with a built-in set of workflow rules in the form of our default transitions. For more customization, you can also create and map your own workflow.

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Customize Your Dashboards

Customize the information most important to you on your AbuseHQ dashboard. Add or modify new lists, tables, and graph widgets.


Integrate With Backend Systems

Get powerful integration abilities with other systems in your network. AbuseHQ makes it easy to set up and manage these integrations with webhooks.


Global Spam and Malware Data

Abusix Data Services works in real-time to illuminate blind spots in your network, identify spam and forewarn your security and systems operators of future threats.

Our data services are also utilized daily by security experts such as Microsoft, Symantec, Intel, Verisign and many others.

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